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Course: Unix/Linux Shell Scripting
Session: Session 2
Date: Tuesday, 24-Apr-2018
Time: 9:00 AM
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Trainer: Santosh V
Presentation Style Very Good
Readiness on Course Content Very Good
Subject Knowledge Excellent
Answering Questions Excellent
Managing Pace of Delivery Excellent
Punctuality Excellent
Trainer Overall Excellent
Course Materials
Structure and Flow Very Good
Were you aware of course outline before the training Yes
Coverage of Course Topics Very Good
Effectiveness of Course Material (Presentation, Manual, Handouts) Very Good
Effectiveness of Labs and Exercises Very Good
Length of the Course Just Right
Course Overall Very Good
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Delivery Infrastructure (Web access, Online labs access etc.) Very Good
Customer Support (Pre and Post Course) Very Good
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Name venugopal kancharla
Company Fidelity Business Services India Pvt. Ltd.

Linux Textron, Bangalore, India 18 Dec 2018 to 18 Dec 2018

Would you recommend this course to others: Definitely

Instructor: Santosh V
Instructor: Santosh V Excellent
Presentation Style Good
Answering Questions Excellent
Punctuality Excellent
Overall Rating Excellent
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Course Materials
Were you aware of course outline before the training: Yes
Was the course outline discussed and expectations set at the start of the training: Yes
Coverage of Course Topics: Excellent
Effectiveness of Labs and Exercises Good
Structure and Flow Excellent
Length of the Course Right
Degree of Difficulty Right
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First Name Dhanapathi
Last Name Shobitha
Company Textron India Private Limited
City Bengaluru
State/Territory/Province Karnataka
Country India